Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Days

Yesterday I was able to spend the day seeing a clothes closet, food pantry, and other outreach a local church here in Texas puts on every Thursday. I also got to have lunch with 3 precious ladies and spend the afternoon with "Aunt Shelly" and Lizzie... Two people that have become so precious to me! All in all it was a great day and I got to top it off by spending the remained of the day with my family back in Austin... They so bless my heart!!! I love all the Lord is doing. It's incredible to experience his presence and power on a daily basis. He is so good!!!

The End... It Is Just the Beginning

Hey guys, so this blog is gonna be a bittersweet post! The past few days have been a challenging but good few days and I'm here to tell you that I serve an amazing, mighty God!

I'm sad but happy at the same time to tell you guys that my running part of this journey has come to an end. I was hospitalized Thursday and Friday of this week and due to heart issues I cannot physically continue on this run... I know this is all part of Gods plan so I rejoice in knowing that He has some incredible plans ahead!

At the beginning of this journey, God spoke to me - "GO". So I went, I came and I'm here. He didn't give me any instruction except to "GO." I didn't know how this would all play out- I only knew that I was to come and that God had incredible plans for this journey- and incredible it has been!! I've seen and experienced God on a whole new level during my time on this journey...I'm here to tell you that HE FAILS US NOT!!!

Sometimes we don't understand why things happen but Praise the Lord that He sees and holds the whole puzzle!! As I sit here with this one puzzle piece not knowing why this is happening, I can rest in the fact that my God is holding me in the palm of his hand and He has far greater plans that I could ever imagine!... And that there is purpose in this and testimony will flow from this all- His will be done! He will be glorified!!!! I know that He is for me!!!

As much as I want to be out there running; I know that my purpose on this journey has been fulfilled. And for whatever the Lord has next, I will continue to Walk By Faith and Not By Sight- FLAMING ON!!! Pressing forward in whatever HE has for me!!!

The Lord Gives And The Lord Takes Away; Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord! Job 1:21

Pressing on and looking forward to all that is ahead!!!

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have supported,encouraged,prayed,loved, provided,etc... For me on this journey! May the Lord bless your socks off! You guys have so blessed my heart! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love you all!!!

A special thank you to:

David and Amy Ball: for visiting me in the hospital, for all the prayers,wisdom, and pouring into my life.

**Heather,Keith,Kristina,Chris,Aunt Faith and Michael for all you've done and for your continued love and support in more ways than I can name!! Such a blessing to be with family- especially during trying times. You guys are the best!**

**Natalie Freeman: Thank you for your dedicated precious friendship,laughs in the midst of tears ,encouragement,prayer, venting convos ,and for making me press on even when I felt I couldn't!!! You bless me to the core!**

**Tim Lyon, Kim Loewer,Rebecca Ruiz, Lena Davis,Melanie Jasper,Teresa Gable,Katie Rogers,Rhonda Rogers, Lisa Delfavero, Brandi Ferrell and Shannon Ripley- thank you for your constant texts,phone calls,prayers,and scripture on the daily! It's kept me going and so encouraged my heart!**

**Hayley Davis- My Mini Me, My Sister, My Teammate, My Best Friend... Thank you for being you, for doing all the behind the scenes work, for countless hours of writing, praying,encouragement,venting time,being here whenever,wherever and for whatever, for going above and beyond- your servants heart blows me away!!!! You bless me beyond words!!! It's OT- let's do this!!!! He's making ALL Things New!**

**Wesley W- Thank you for being my support, for loving me, for waking up early every morning to send me scripture and to pray over me, for giving of yourself , for being patient, and for being a man after Gods own heart! I'm blessed to call you mine!!! Your heart for the Lord and serving others makes me want to be a better person and go deeper in my walk with Christ every day!!! Thank you for being a Godly leader!!!**

My parents:For loving me! That simply is enough! You make me proud! I love all that God is doing in our family! Daddy, so proud of you and stepping out for the sake of the call!!:) Gods got some great plans ahead- keep climbing!!!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Different Kind Of Day

Today I got to spend time at the First Baptist Church in Kingsland,Tx with precious "Aunt Shelly". Then this afternoon we spoke at a school here in Texas to K-6 grade students! Some of their comments about Africa and having clean water and even running were so cute!- we def got some laughs from being there. Tonight we were able to take part in service at the Methodist church in Llano- it so blessed my heart. We were able to share about our journey as well as hear the incredible testimony of a high school senior,Jacob,who has been fighting cancer. He shared about where He had been and where God has brought him and how he has been able to soar above the storm despite his circumstances.. GodStrong! Def encouraged my heart so much!!! We are staying with a precious lady tonight that has dedicated her house to being a place of rest and a place people can come to relax and be in the presence of God- before building the house she and several others prayed over the land that the house now sits on and then over the house when it was built!!! Pretty amazing- I love how the Lord continually crosses our paths with such inspiring, God filled people!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Than Feelings

Today as I was running I was in a lot of pain. My chest and back were killing. But in the midst of it all I felt God saying-"Keep Going; I've got
You." During the 17 miles today I had a choice to make. I could live in a mindset of defeat and stop and go back to my family's house who live near where we were running today OR I could press through the pain, keep going and Flame On! (Not to say you should always push through pain when doing physical activity- each person knows their body and God gives us a brain and we should use it)... That being said- sometimes we have to do hard things and push through and live above our feelings! This is true to our lives as well:

In life we will face trials, there will be hard times, there will be pain, and things we don't understand- its not IF, it's WHEN! During these times we have the same choice to make: live with a defeated mindset or live with the mindset of Christ and soar above our storms and live a victorious life,walking it out with the authority and power that resides within because of Christ!!! It's not wrong to hurt or doubt or have fear; it only becomes a problem when you let those things have the last say in your life! So the next time you face difficulty or trials remember that you don't have to walk around in defeat: you have a choice to make!!! The battle has already been won! Will you trust God enough to cling to him and soar above the storm???!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

GodSpeed: Flaming On

So today's run was INCREDIBLE: All I can say is GODSPEED! We all but sprouted wings and flew! 18.6 miles and I don't feel like I ran at all- God seriously amazes me- He carries us everyday. Our view today was amazing and beyond beautiful!! We finished our run with a little foot race:) it was fun!!... We try to keep things fun and interesting- on most occasions a race at the end of our run would not be our idea of fun but we had an overflow of energy today!!! We are in Austin this weekend with my family and I'm absolutely Loving it and don't wanna leave:) soaking up every second with them- they are blessing our socks off. They are taking us for facials and massages today... In the words of Athena.. " I feel like a spoiled little princess." lol. that's all for now- going to have family time!:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Own It

Today's run was even better than the run before- crazy right?! Yup, I serve a big God!!! You know you've been carried by Him when you have ran 17 miles down the highway,in the wind, singing to the top of your lungs and dnt even feel like you've run at all:)
!!! Blows me away! Love It! The weather today was perfect and beautiful; perfect for a run! After our run our awesome friend Jared picked us up and brought us to the church we are staying at tonight- these guys here have blessed us so much!

In today's run this is what God spoke: OWN IT! Several stops back when we were still in LA my friend Hannah gave me her information on a piece of paper and on that paper was written "own it". Before we set out on our run today I found that paper in my Bible and read it...As we were running it stuck in my mind..."Own it"!

To OWN something is to make it yours right? When u own something tht means it is fully in ur presence and possession? For instance, when you buy a new car and you hav to make payments, that car truly isn't yours
until you've paid in it isn't fully your's, you don"t OWN just "have" it... You hav to pay it off, and it's draining sometimes to have to open up tht bill every month and pay tht $500 (or whatever)...but when you OWN it...there r no monthly payments...its yours ---so dnt just have it...OWN it, whatever it may be! ...having it is a passive way of living!!! Like Christians.. all christians HAVE salvation...but how many of them OWN many of them really walk it out???...isn't that how we change the world! That's how ppl see tht its really OURS...its not just something to isn't just a title or name to call ourselves...its something to OWN!...its something tht can be all YOURS, not to make monthly payments on by doing ur good deed and going to church, because its already been paid in full at the cross...but everyday walking it out, step by step...and that brings a sense of honor and integrity...something to hold ur head up about...because it's yours...not in a prideful way, but more of a confidence in knowing who you are in Christ and that it cannot be taken from u...when you just "have" something, it can easily be taken, but wen you OWN it..its yours and NO ONE can take tht from u! That's what Christ did for us, He gave us something no one can take from us, but we hav to choose to OWN it!

In doing so it gives us the ability in every opportunity and in every situation to put our hearts fully in it. No matter where you find yourself, no matter where God has you, you can own it! Not just walk through life living it and getting by but OWNING it, understanding that what you have cannot be taken from you because it was given to you by the one who is the giver and taker of all things! So when you do something do whatever you are doing as though it were for the Lord. Do everything to the best of your ability- 110%! In doing so, your OWNING your salvation and the gifts and abilities God has given you and trusting God to uphold His promises...and before you know it...your're changing the world! You only live once- make every second count!!!! It's so easy to go through the motions and to do what we have to to just get by- it's time to act like what's been given to us is really ours...its time to stop walking around in the desert and take what's been promised to us! OWN it!

The Lord isn't the Lord just when he feels like it, he doesn't protect us just when he wants to. He doesn't stick to his promises just enough to get by or just stick to them sometimes....his word never fails, He is always faithful, He never leaves! He is a God of Honor!!! Therefore, let us honor Him by giving Him the best of what He has given us!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 23

Mark 6:8-11 These were his instructions: "Take nothing for the journey except a staff—no bread, no bag, no money in your belts. Wear sandals but not an extra shirt. Whenever you enter a house, stay there until you leave that town. And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, leave that place and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them." (Mark 6:8-11 NIV)

Acts 9:6 "Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do." (Acts 9:6 NIV)